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Save heat – Vapor Secretly Steals Your Precious Winter Warmth

Save Heat – Expert advice from Jet Fan Man:

Saving heat is usually suggested in simple ways: sealing around windows, doors, and the attic access; insulating the attic and foundation walls as possible.
Heat moves three ways: by conduction, convection and radiation. But there’s another way you are losing heat that contractors don’t like to talk about because it’s harder to fix. Water vapor.
It takes heat to make water evaporate and this latent heat is lost when vapor escapes. So by stopping the vapor, you keep the heat. So before you insulate your attic make sure gaps in your ceiling through light fixtures or around electircal conduit are sealed up first.
Vapor cannot be stopped by fiberglass bats or any kind of loose fill insulation. Insulation slows the movement of heat but does very little to slow water vapor that is actually lighter than air and is constantly pushing up rising into your attic through gaps and through the insulation.
Honestly the building industry has not taken this very seriously and it’s time they did. Vapor not only takes heat with it, but when it gets to the cold side of the insulation it can condense and cause mold and rot.
Seal first, then insulate.
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