Jet Fan JF727gwos attic fan has the potential to be the absolute easiest to install. If you have a louvered wall vent in your attic that is bigger than 18 by 18 inches, you can just mount this to the unfinished attic wall with screws or nails right over the opening. The back draft plate will stop any air from blowing back into the attic. Then just run power to it set the thermostat and you’re done. If you do not already have a louvered wall vent in your attic wall or if it is too small then you will need either a roof mounted fan or one of our gable fans with shutters.

Additional information


120 V

Attic Fan Type

Gable Mount


1.7 A

Approx Attic Size (sq. ft)

up to 2300'

Blade Diameter (inches)


CFM - airflow

1200 CFM 5.9 cfm/W

Motor Rated Horse Power

1/8 hp

Opening Required (inches)

307 sq. in. screened opening with louvers already in place Ex: 18” x 18” or 14 ½” min. width x 21 ¼”



Size (inches)

24” x 24” x 9”

Sq. In. Intake Venting Req.



204 W

What comes in the box

Fan, Thermostat, Instructions