Most popular model at a quiet 1200 CFM

Product Description

Attic Fan Type  Roof Mount 
Motor Rated
Horse Power
1/8 hp
Watts 204 W
Volts 115 V
Amps 1.7 A
RPM 1075
Cubic Feet air per minute – airflow 1200 CFM
Blade Diameter
Dome Spun Aluminum
22″ diameter
Size (inches) 24″ sq. Aluminum
Height off roof
Opening Required
Approx Attic Size
(sq. ft)
up to 2300′
Sq. In. Intake
Venting Required  
Warranty Jet Fan
10 yr

Unless you’ve spent time in your attic during the heat of the day you may not realize just how hot it gets up there. The fact is that attic temperatures approach 150 degrees during hot summer days. Ever wonder why it’s hard to get the upstairs cool or why your air-conditioning electric bills are so high? Your air conditioner has to work overtime to fight the effect of the attic heat that backs up into your rooms.

You need a Jet Fan. Jet Fans will force hot air right out of your attic. Jet Fan Installations builds and installs Jet Fans and has installed around 15,000 attic fans since 1983. The company has learned a lot about attic fans and uses that wisdom when building what they call, “The Worlds Best Attic Fan”. The Jet Fan is simple and, using high-quality components, it can:

• save homeowners up to 30% on their cooling bills
• lengthen roof life by keeping shingles cooler
• add resale value to your home
According to studies by the Home Ventilation Institute homeowners may experience up to a 30% savings on air conditioning costs with a powered attic fan. ComEd indicates that air conditioners don’t have to run as often when it isn’t fighting a hot attic.

Additional Information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 28.5 x 28.5 x 12.25 in

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