jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter)



“Sleep Better: Cooler  in Your Room Even When Your Air-Conditioner Can’t Keep Up…

Without All the Awful Humming Noise Coming Down Your Wall Into Your Rooms with jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter)”

Jet Fan Attic Fan jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter) You can ENJOY COOLER TEMPERATURES INSIDE, especially on really hot days when your air-conditioner can’t keep up without all the awful humming noise coming down your gable wall into your rooms. This extremely quiet fan removes 1200 cubic feet of hot air from your attic every minute. (covers an attic up to 2300 square feet of “attic floor”) Save up to 30 % on air

Vertically mounted Jet Fan jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter)
jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter) is extremely easy to install…screw it to the wall over your existing vent and hook it up

conditioning. This professional quality Jet Fan Attic Fan is completely USA made. The Jet Fan electric motor is quieter and will last over ten years even if you never oil it. It has thermal protection for added safety, and has a capacitor for added life and efficiency. In fact it takes ½ the power of other attic fans with similar capacity and is extremely quiet because of the higher quality motor and because it is mounted on one inch rubber isolators to absorb vibration that would otherwise travel down into you rooms below. Included is an accurate adjustable snap-action thermostat and firestat, (shuts fan off in the event of home fire). No other attic fan has all this. Unit is manufactured by us: Jet Fan Attic Fans in Villa Park, Illinois, U.S.A. It is tested and balanced, before being packed securely. Packaging and handling is included and shipping will be calculated at check out.

Jet Fan Attic Fan jf707 gwos (Wall Fan w/o shutter) is 120 Volts, 1.7 Amps, 1/8 Horsepower, 1075 rpm.  Higher quality parts are what make the Jet Fan better, quieter and maintenance free. Jet Fan’s limited warranty, covers 100% of the cost of parts for 2 years and is pro-rated from installation date down to a 10% discount after 8 years and beyond for as long as you own the home where the fan was originally installed” Ship to Villa Park, Illinois for repair or replacement.

jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter) has the potential to be the absolute easiest to install. If you have a louvered wall vent in you attic that is bigger than 18 by 18 inches, you can just mount this to the unfinished attic wall with screws or nails covering the opening. The 24 by 24 inch back-draft plate will stop any air from blowing back into the attic. Then just run power to it set the thermostat and you’re done. You need to already have a louvered vent in the wall that is rain proof and there should be a screen over it to stop birds from building nest. If you do not already have a louvered wall vent in your attic wall or if it is too small then you will need to use either a Jet Fan roof-mounted fan or one of our other gable fans with shutters where you would have to make a bigger opening or you could just get a bigger wall vent installed before install the Jet Fan.

jf707 gwos (Gable Wall Fan w/o shutter) covers up to 2300 square feet of attic floor and requires other static intake vents to let relatively cooler air come in from the outside. So all of your existing venting and any new venting has to add up to 560 square inches of net free intake area or more. (That’s about a quantity of 10 – 8 by 16 inch soffit vents) Any combination of vents, in the eaves, soffits, roof and wall all count, but keep in mind that more cross-flow across longer distances is better.)

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