Prevent Ice-Dams, Leaks and Icicles on Your Roof with a Jet Fan Attic Fan

 “Mad at Your Roof?”

Stop Painting Your Ceilings Year After Year

Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money and Precious Time Fixing Your Ceilings Again and Again!

Jet Fan Ice Dam Fan prevents ice dams using Jet Fan 707 Roof-Top Attic Fan with Ice-Dam Controls $497.00  complete plus $50.00 shipping costs base price through May 30 2015. Call to Order: 630-834-9165 Debbie will call you back.

Runs continuously – shuts off when outside humidity exceeds 80% or whatever you set

Helps keep snow from melting prematurely and causing ice-dam leaks and dangerous icicles while cooling the attic during summer to save on air conditioning costs.

There’s an optional thermostat that will allow the fan to run regardless of the humidity when your attic gets above 100 degrees or wherever you set it. $29.95 installed for you on the fan’s secret control box through 12/31/2015 with no additional shipping cost.

There’s also a an option for having the humidistat control knob on the inside of the fan, in case it’s too hard or dangerous to get up on your roof, (probably a good idea, especially if you’re a control freak like me, since it will probably be snowing up there when you decide to experiment with the setting) Add $43.00  installed on the fan through 12/31/2015 with no additional shipping cost.

More about the Jet Fan Model 707 without the ice-dam control.