Jet Fan No-Risk Guarantee

“The World’s Best No-Risk Guarantee”

Jet Fan – Since 1983

It WILL be 5 to 10 degrees cooler in your upstairs bedrooms which are directly under your attic when its really hot outside.

It will NEVER get to be 150 degrees in your attic again.

You will NOT have to replace your roof as often.

A Jet Fan will SAVE up to one third on your A/C bill.

You will SEE the difference in quality between the Jet Fan and those “other” big box store attic fans.

It is the only American made attic fan in the world.

Two Year Unconditional

No “weasel clause” Guarantee

If you open the box and you are not satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the Jet Fan call us. We will give you the return address. As soon as we receive it we will refund ALL your money INCLUDING the P&H.

This is a unheard of no-risk-complete-satisfaction-or-your money-back guarantee.

No one has ever offered an iron clad guarantee for an attic fan like this before.

We are hard working people here and we don’t like it when companies lie and try and cheat us or you. They say you can return it only during a full moon on the last day of the month after getting a note from your electrician and roofer. We say

No BS 100% “look it over for 2 years” and then decide for yourself if ours is not the most handsome and highest quality American made attic fan in the world!!!

Our belief in honesty and integrity since 1983 led us to offer the best guarantee for your complete satisfaction with your purchase of a Jet Fan.